Ayn Rand: “Who is going to stop me?” (QE#1)

When is the best time to launch a spin-off podcast?

Right now!!!

Here’s episode #1 of Quote Explosion!


Show Notes:


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  1. G Money says

    My man PDP! You are awesome as shit! You are dreaming AND achieving it! A superhero in your supersuit! But what’s wrong with “heroic characters that are incapable of normal human interaction and typically angry or disgusted with the world”? Don’t we need some radical ass-kicking to get this sorry world into shape? Where’s the exploding part of your Entrepreneur Explosion supposed to come from?

  2. says

    Well, Mr Money, first let me say: WELCOME! It’s super to have you here, and I’m TOTALLY STOKED that you’ve decided to join the conversation!
    In response to your first question: No, sir, we do not need what you call “radical ass-kicking.” That only begets more ass-kicking, and then all we have is a world of bruised asses. 
    I’m sorry you think this is a “sorry world.” Maybe if you changed your attitude, you could change your life so that no ass-kicking would be required. There are plenty of super resources to help you that you can find online. Have you ever read or listened to Zig Ziglar? He is DA MAN! http://www.ziglar.com/

    With regard to your other question: “Where’s the exploding part of your Entrepreneur Explosion supposed to come from?”  That’s a great question, my friend. And the answer is: It’s supposed to come from your heart. 

    Thanks for stopping by! Come back again soon!! And have an AWESOME DAY!!!

  3. G Money says

    Paul David Peterson I thought you were about empowerment, not discrimination! The heartless can’t help it they were born smarter than everybody else. Ayn Rand was a victim of that very sort of thinking. Don’t shrug off the Fountainheads, PDP, you’re better than that! Come on, man, represent!!

  4. says

    @G Money I think you’re just trolling me now, sir. Because you can’t read The Fountainhead, and take it seriously — unless you’re 17 years old. 
    But let’s not get hung up on the details, here. Instead, let’s get to the broader issue here: I have faith in the universe — and you (evidently) don’t. And if you now want to ask me what precise aspect of the universe I have faith in, then here’s my answer: I have faith in you, @G Money! 
    Please see eexplosion.net/store for ways I might be able to help!

  5. says

    @G Money  Ayn Rand is seductive, and that’s why I, Paul David Peterson was initially so intoxicated by her quote. But as you tug at the threads of her quote and her ideas, it all unravels — which (as you know) is what Ep. 1 of Quote Explosion was all about. 
    Do I have faith in you, @G Money? Yes, I do. That’s why I’ve filled my store (http://eexplosion.net/store) with empowering resources for you!
    I also have faith that you can see: that philosophy may be necessary, but it isn’t sufficient; that history and politics matters as much as abstract talk about values and The Good; andthe wisdom in an op-ed like this one:  http://mobile.nytimes.com/2015/02/23/opinion/paul-krugman-knowledge-isnt-power.html   (It’s one of the best Krugman pieces I’ve read in years.)

    I wonder what a big champion of philosophy education might say in response to Krugman? 
    Peace out!

  6. G Money says

    Paul David Peterson PDP, getting down to tacks! I’m game for a real fight. Here we go, fasten your seatbelt:

    1) Agree.
    2) Agree.
    3) Agree. 


    Maybe we’ll have better luck on your last one. How to respond to Krugman? By reminding him that the only purpose of education is not economic. We don’t need to educate our children better so they can get better jobs; we need to educate them better so that they’re smarter human beings and better citizens. So you’re close, but it’s not just a matter of political decisions. It’s about civic life, which is broader than what happens in the statehouse and the voting booth….But that’s hairsplitting, brosephus, I say we high ten and call it 4 for 4! 

    And when we’re done celebrating our righteous agreement you can tell me how to buy a “comment boost” package so I don’t have to go through all this trouble next time. Cause I got cash to burn, but time is precious! G Money out!

  7. says

    @G Money Yup, 4 for 4. Let’s call it… and move on to the next battle. 

    I love the comment boost package idea. Maybe Bronze, Silver, Gold, Platinum, Titanium packages — starting at $100. With future discounts based on your comment frequency. So many ideas, so little time.

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