1. G Money says

    What’s up Milwaukee!! That incoming tomato from the mezzanine? That was me, bro! Now I am still a fan, and I will even follow you to Wisconsin, but Washington? It is no coincidence that it is now legal to get supremely baked in the D of C, because that place will give you a SERIOUS jones for some comic relief. Social Security, Medicare, Civil Rights–yesterday’s news, macanudo! What’s come since? Obamacare? That billion-page bill is about to be undone by a typo!

    Listen, we don’t want to hear about the glories of democracy’s better days. You sound like the high school quarterback who’s always going, “Remember that game back in 1964…”, and everyone’s so tired of hearing the same tired story again and again, and even your best buds won’t return your calls because you’re always trying to sell them some two-bit insurance. We want to hear about one thing: cash money, and how to get it! That is the real American way. 

    (Sorry the tomato was green. That was a little hardcore of me to launch a missile like that, but….say, why don’t you get some lobbyists to work on the quality of winter tomatoes, while you’re at it.)

  2. says

    @G Money It doesn’t surprise me that you were in that crowd. Jeebus, what a pack of wolves! You must have felt right at home. 

    And go ahead an call me a washed-up high school quarterback, if you want. But at least I know about winning. About leadership. And about teamwork. People like you — people who say Social Security and civil rights are “yesterday’s news” — clearly can’t grasp the fact that just because something is old doesn’t make it irrelevant. In fact, I’m amazed you managed to type up three full paragraphs; after all, to a guy like you, paragraph 1 is “yesterday’s news” by the time you hit paragraph 3. Seems like a tomato-throwing hoodlum like you might be better suited to using Twitter. Or spray paint. 

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  3. G Money says

    Paul David Peterson I didn’t say those programs were irrelevant, PDP. They’re relevant to the people who are beneficiaries of them, but they are remnants of better days–days when our democracy actually functioned. But can we attend to our current problems the way our forebears attended to theirs? Doesn’t seem so, homes. We can’t even agree that arming unstable teenagers with assault rifles is a bad idea after a school massacre. So you can talk a good talk about all the good government can do; I’m just saying that’s nostalgia. Best stick your mugs and upsells, because that’s the only way you can make a difference in this country: take care of self!

    • says

      Social Security is a current problem — not just for the people receiving their checks today, but down the road, for you & me. If you don’t give a shit today, it ain’t gonna be there tomorrow.

      And yes, ObamaCare might get dismembered over a typo, but that’s not an argument against government; it’s an argument for more copy editors.

      I’ll tell you what: I’ll give you this round… if you buy a coffee mug. I just reduced the price by $20!! On sale, this week only!

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