Rock Your World!

Plenty of “experts” say they can help you reach “the next level.”

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Membership benefits include:

  • our monthly email newsletter with specific, actionable steps to take your work AND your life to The NEXT Next Level™
  • sage advice on how to prevent other people from seizing ground on The NEXT Next Level™ for which you’ve already paid good money
  • a copy of our ebook “3 Easy Steps to Running the Perfect Business”
  • access to Paul David Peterson’s private Twitter feed (not the one that’s open to the general public)
  • access to our PRIVATE Planet KABOOM!™ Facebook page
  • access to our invitation-only G+ community
  • admission to our once-a-month online audio conference call with all Planet KABOOM™ members for conversation and networking
  • the first 50 members of Planet KABOOM!™ will be part of our COUNCIL OF GOVERNORS, where you can recommend new programs and policies for the future of our Planet!!
    • the first 25 members of the Council of Governors are hereby appointed to the EXECUTIVE COMMITTEE — and can join a quarterly (4x per year) private conference call with Paul David Peterson
      • the first 12 members of the Executive Committee are hereby appointed to the PRESIDENT’S CIRCLE (benefits will be sent privately upon admission)
        • the first 7 members of the President’s Circle are hereby appointed to [NAME OF INNER SANCTUM REDACTED, as are the associated benefits]
  • a Planet KABOOM!™ membership certificate  (pdf)
  • a Planet KABOOM!™ membership card  (pdf)
  • a custom Planet KABOOM™ digital medallion to display on YOUR website  (png)
  • a Planet KABOOM!™ members only coffee mug:

ONLY 500 members will be ever be admitted to Planet KABOOM™!!! That’s a LIFETIME CAP!! GUARANTEED!!!


  • And more stuff I haven’t even thought of yet!!