#7 Chris Brogan: You’re It (Part 2)

Podcast outro song: Double Life, by HASH / CC BY-NC-ND 4.0

“I tend to not believe in the larger system,” Chris Brogan told me in part 1 of our interview. And that’s where we pick up in part 2 — with a discussion about why Chris has little or no faith in the ability of the government and our political system to address the economic problems we face, individually and as a society.

We talk about Uber, the sharing economy and the people who work in it, the Great Depression, and lots more.

And yes, there will be a part 3… coming soon.

Show Notes

  • Chris Brogan
  • Uber
  • sharing economy
  • The sharing economy is a lie: Uber, Ayn Rand and the truth about tech and libertarians, by Richard Eskow

    “Disruptive companies talk a good game about sharing. Uber’s really just an under-regulated company making riches. … Uber is the poster child for the pro-privatization, anti-regulatory ideology that ascribes magical powers to technology and the private sector. It is deeply a political entity, from its Nietzschean name to its recent hiring of White House veteran David Plouffe. Uber is built around a relatively simple app (which relies on government-created technology), but it’s not really a tech company. Above all else Uber is an ideological campaign, a neoliberal project whose real products are deregulation and the dismantling of the social contract.”

  • Benjamin Walker’s Theory of Everything (podcast), including his 3-part series Instaserfs (about the sharing economy)
  • serfdom
  • Susie Cagel is quoted in this episode talking about the sharing economy. Her clip is taken from Benjamin Walker’s Theory of Everything (Instaserfs, part 2). And I trust I’m using the clip here under “fair use.”
    Ms Cagel is a columnist at Al Jazeera America and Pacific Standard, and a frequent contributor of journalism for other outlets such as the Guardian, Forbes, Next City, and others. She’s a 2015-2016 John S. Knight Journalism fellow at Stanford, a summer 2015 artist in residence at BAVC, and a 2014 Online Journalism Award winner. Susie is currently working on an illustrated book about boom and bust economics in California.
  • Chris Brogan: “The person who emails me isn’t engaging in philosophy….” (at 33:12). Clearly, Chris isn’t getting any email from this guy.

photo of Chris Brogan courtesy of Raul Colon

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