#2 Gary Brown: “Beware the cult of entrepreneurism”

Podcast outro song: Double Life, by HASH / CC BY-NC-ND 4.0

I had the opportunity & good fortune to interview Gary Brown, Executive Chairman & founder of Target McConnells, one of Ireland’s largest advertising & direct marketing agencies. He’s an insightful (and funny) guy.

Gary BrownGary Brown founded Target Marketing in Ireland in 1990, and rapidly transformed his company into one of the most decorated direct marketing agencies in Ireland. In 2005, Target Marketing became the first Irish and UK agency ever to win the prestigious Diamond Echo award from the Direct Marketing Association. In 2011, Gary merged his company with McConnells Advertising to form Target McConnells, which is now one of the biggest advertising and marketing agencies in Ireland. Gary is also a former League of Ireland soccer player and the former chairman of the Shelbourne Football Club. And on top of all that, Gary helped launch the music careers of Damien Rice and Bell X1. I discovered Gary because he recently wrote a pointed and very funny essay called Beware the Cult of Entrepreneurism, which we talk about in this episode.

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