Len Schlesinger

Len Schlesinger

“Some CEOs go so far as to say, ‘We want all of our 300,000 employees to be entrepreneurs.’ It is just complete nonsense,” says Len Schlesinger, [former president of Babson College]. “The reality is that you’re asking people to display a set of behaviors in an environment that, by its very nature, tends to be very hostile to those activities.”

→ from “The myth of the ‘entrepreneurial employee,’” (Fortune, August 13, 2012). Mr. Schlesinger is now the Baker Foundation Professor at the Harvard Business School

Robert Reich: Truth Teller or Party Pooper?

You make the call!


Robert Reich

… The rise of “independent contractors” Is the most significant legal trend in the American workforce – contributing directly to low pay, irregular hours, and job insecurity.

What makes them “independent contractors” is the mainly that the companies they work for say they are. So those companies don’t have to pick up the costs of having full-time employees.

But are they really “independent”? Companies can manipulate their hours and expenses to make them seem so.

It’s become a race to the bottom. Once one business cuts costs by making its workers “independent contractors,” every other business in that industry has to do the same – or face shrinking profits and a dwindling share of the market

Some workers prefer to be independent contractors because that way they get paid in cash. Or they like deciding what hours they’ll work.

Mostly, though, they take these jobs because they can’t find better ones. And as the race to the bottom accelerates, they have fewer and fewer alternatives.

→ from Why We’re All Becoming Independent Contractors, by Robert Reich